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Thanks for visiting this humble page. It has only one purpose: To collect as many different user-agent strings as possible.

On the dawn of this millenium, people were browsing the web from many different computing platforms. Even though many of these platforms were considered obsolete or dead even by then, there were enormous efforts to bring a WWW browser to them, because it was perceived as the border line between useful and useless computer. But the evolution of world-wide-web hit these computers badly. Widespread use of stronger and stronger encryption standards and enforcing them by modern browsers, JavaScript and high-bandwidth multimedia everywhere - no browser developed as a one-man project could cope with this in the long term.

It killed almost all these platforms, turned them from actually being usable for everyday use to hobby computers of retro enthusiasts. If you look in your server logs, you will see Windows, Android, iOS, Mac and Linux - order of these depends of the content of your website. So I decided to create this to look for the others. For small browsers on small operating systems on small computers.

Is anybody out there?

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I do not collect anything except the user-agent string. No IP adresses, no dates or times, no referrers. If you want to see, what I already collected, please head over to this page. I have no secrets.

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